Student Surveys

We want to hear from you! Tell us about your school, your teachers and how you see your own strengths and weaknesses. By answering these questions now and continuing several times each year through college you will create an invaluable road map to measure your own progress, improvement and success throughout your school career. As our project grows we will show you how students from around the corner, across the country and around the world are thinking and responding.

Begin your journey map when you sign up. Your answers to questions like these may change frequently, slightly or not at all but they will work like a road map that stays with you to guide you along your journey. Here are just a few examples of subject areas and questions:

  • Teacher Effectiveness
    How clearly does this teacher present the information that you need to learn?

  • Classroom Environment
    How often do students behave well in this class?

  • Expectations and Rigor
    How much does this teacher encourage you to do your best?

  • Your Engagement
    In this class, how much do you participate?

  • Supportive Relationships
    How interested is this teacher in what you do outside of class?

  • Sense of Belonging
    How connected do you feel to the adults at your school?

  • Interest in Subject
    How often do you use ideas from [SUBJECT] class in your daily life?

  • Grit
    If you fail to reach an important goal, how likely are you to try again?
    Before you start working on your schoolwork, how often do you think about the best way to approach the work?

  • Mindset
    In this class, how possible is it for you to change putting forth a lot of effort?

  • School Safety
    How likely is it that someone from your school will bully you online? 

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