The Foundation mission is to develop and support ways that encourage users of all ages and backgrounds, from ethnic and geographic origins around the globe to record the memories, share the stories and to learn from their own unique experiences and others throughout the school years.

The StoryCast Project

StoryCast is a mobile-ready and scalable digital platform built to upload archival quality audio, video, print and photo files to organize, preserve and share every day and for generations to come.


Mark Herman President
Ann Tracey Director
Gail Niederhoffer Vice President

Board of trustees

Mark Herman Director and Founder [Cambridge, MA]
Ann E. Tracey Director [Canada]
Gail Niederhoffer Vice President and Director [Texas]
John T. Grady Director [Boston, MA]
Lily S. Herman Director [SouthEast Asia]



The Herman Foundation is a publicly funded 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in January, 2013 and registered in (MA) and (TX). For questions and additional information call (617) 480-4814 or email mherman@storycast.org.