Our Story

As parents you may noticed the portraits of elementary school students and narratives describing their hopes and dreams for the future. Some of us may even have wondered what became of the children and their aspirations? If we interviewed them today, how would they describe their journey - as hoped for or have things changed, and in what ways? 

As the idea of the StoryCast project emerged, we wondered how would they describe their experience and the stories along the way? How have the years in school, the teachers, friends and events influenced their decisions and, in short, what have they learned along the way?

Then we thought, what if it had all been recorded? We thought there was something to the notion of keeping track, value documenting the journey and recording the experiences along the way in order to look back, review, determine progress and growth and even to guide future decisions.

With the proliferation of affordable technology in our school classrooms, we felt we were onto an important and informative endeavor and decided to help students keep track - a first-person video journal over each and every successive school year - their's to author and keep forever. We hypothesized this might reveal new insight and understanding about themselves, their decision-making and individual traits as they listen and watch themselves grow into productive members of their community. We wanted to elevate the voice of every student - to reveal aspects of their development in unique ways that would foster understanding, lifelong learning and improve life outcomes.

Welcome to StoryCast.

We spent last year with elementary, middle and high school students, teachers and staff and asked a lot of questions trying to understand what life is like as a student from their perspective, through their eyes and in their own words.

Tell a story about a great moment at school this year?

What goals or dreams did you set for yourself last year or at the beginning of this year?

What has changed as you look back?

Tell a story about a moment that changed you?

Tell a story about a teacher or student who inspired you?

Can you describe a conflict or challenge you had and how you handled it?

From these curious, engaging and hard working learners we learned many lessons that are and will continue to be incorporated in this platform. Please feel free to wander through - it requires only a little of your time, all of your curiosity and a desire to share your stories!

We designed StoryCast to grow hand-in-hand with learners of all ages. Bring your ideas, your imagination and your stories and, in the meantime, thank you for getting to know ours.