StoryCast connects you with your students and the global community in unprecedented ways. Whether you are public, private, charter or home school, K-12, 5 - 9, middle school, high school, after school or out-of-school, StoryCast connects students with the world of their peers and tranforms traditional classrooms into vibrant and unique opportunities for discovery.

Here you will reach into the community of your student body, recent and seasoned graduates, parents, grandparents and the world of their stories in unprecedented ways. Join today and share the work of your student community with schools everywhere.

WHAT Storycast Will DO FOR YOU?

StoryCast will provide a variety of services to schools depending on your needs and wishes. For example, we will:

  • Customize a school Home Page with 24/7 support.     Learn More → 
  • Develop site metrics to show you who is using your site and what topics are of interest.
  • Provide real-time results of Student, Teacher, Family & School climate survey results. 
  • Host podcast and streaming services.
  • Support an interactive platform for exchange of ideas, input and experience from your alumni and current families.
  • Help your students visualize their dreams and share progress with others.
  • Enable community access to your school's current events.
  • Outreach to those who can't make the guest speaker, a student performance or words from the Head of School.
  • Engage, excite and encourage your graduates to give back a little time, wisdom and support.
  • Give your alumni community a reason to stay connected and in touch with their alma mater.


Give us a call. A member of our team will contact you to discuss our project, your needs and how we can help. We offer a variety of services tailored affordably to your goals and objectives.