Our Story

It started many years ago when we first noticed the portraits of elementary school students and brief narratives describing their hopes and dreams for the future.

We wondered about their progress - if we interviewed them today, what would we learn? What changed and what remained the same on the journey to now? And further, what had they learned since those early aspirations?

As technology becomes second-nature to our youth and in virtually every classroom, we thought we could help students keep track of their stories - a first-person video journal over each and every successive school year - their's to author and keep forever. Could this reveal new insight and understanding about themselves as they listen and watch themselves mature?

Welcome to StoryCast.

We spent last year with middle and high school students, teachers and staff and asked a lot of questions trying to understand what life is like as a student from their perspective, through their eyes and in their own words:

  • Tell a story about a great moment at school this year?

  • What goals or dreams did you set for yourself last year or at the beginning of this year?

  • What has changed as you look back?

  • Tell a story about a moment that changed you?

  • Tell a story about a teacher or student who inspired you?

  • Can you describe a conflict or challenge you had and how you handled it?

Our mission is summarized below but the vision, which drives us at StoryCast, is embedded in the fabric of the site itself. Please feel free to wonder through - it costs nothing except a little of your time and the desire to tell your stories!

We think your curiosity will be rewarded because we designed it to grow hand-in-hand with you. Bring your ideas, your imagination and your stories to share and, in the meantime, thank you for getting to know our story.



The Foundation mission is to develop and support ways that encourage users of all ages and backgrounds, from ethnic and geographic origins around the globe to record the memories, share the stories and to learn from the unique experiences of others throughout the school years.

The StoryCast Project:

StoryCast is a mobile-ready digital platform built to upload audio, video, print and photo files to organize, archive and share every day and for generations to come.


Mark Herman, President
Ann Tracey, Director
Gail Niederhoffer, Vice President


Mark Herman, Director and Founder (Cambridge, MA)
Ann E. Tracey, Director (Toronto, Ontario Canada)
Gail Niederhoffer, Vice President and Director (Austin, TX)
John T. Grady, Director (Boston, MA)
Lily S. Herman, Director (Hanoi, Vietnam)



The Herman Foundation is a publicly funded 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in January, 2013 and registered in (MA) and (TX). For questions and additional information call (617) 480-4814 or email mherman@storycast.org.